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4.1.1 An Electron-based Verum-Dezyne IDE

There are several Electron-based programmer’s editors: Atom, VSCodium and Microsoft Visual Studio Code.

ide lsp provides Language-Awareness to the editor through the Language Server Protocol (LSP)(

We provide a new VSCodium/Visual Studio Code extension dzn-lsp that adds rudimentary syntax highlighting, language recogniziton for *.dzn files and LSP -apabilities for this Dezyne mode in VSCode dzn-lsp. dzn-lps can be downloaded here

In the extension settings for dzn-lsp you can configure where the ide is located e.g., C:/dezyne-2.18.2 or /home/user/bin/dezyne-2.18.2; see field Dzn>Ide:Path. If this is not specified, the PATH environment variable of your system is used.

Furthermore, all commands for stopping an already running dzn daemon, starting a dzn daemon, starting the Dezyne LSP server, and preforming a verification can be configured. If your project needs include directories in order to resolve any imports, you can append -I dir… to the command for starting the LSP server such that the LSP server can resolve import locations.

The extension dzn-lsp also provides the goto-click functionality: when the user clicks on an element in one of the webviews, the editor jumps to the location in the code relating to that element. If needed, a new editor tab is opened for showing the corresponding file.

The extension dzn-lsp also starts the dzn daemon. The commmand for starting the daemon is executed in a dedicated terminal with the name dzn-daemon. By selecting that terminal you can see the output of the running dzn daemon.

The extension also offers a verify command. When the active editor contains a dzn file, the verify command can be executed by opening the Command Palette: View -> Command Palette... or Ctrl+Shift+P and typing verify and then selecting "Dzn: Verify". Inside a dedicated terminal with the name dzn-verify, the verification command is executed for verifying the dzn file of the active editor.

The auto starting of the daemon and the goto-click functionality can be disabled using the correspondings settings of the extension.


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