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2.1 Binary Installation

Note: The Verum-Dezyne IDE is a commercial product by verum.com. You should make sure to contact (or having contacted) Verum for a license.

This section describes how to install Verum-Dezyne on an arbitrary system from a self-contained tarball providing binaries for Verum-Dezyne and for all its dependencies. This is often quicker than installing from source, which is described in the next sections. The only requirement is to have GNU tar and gzip, or 7zip for the Microsoft Windows inclined.

2.1.1 Generic GNU/Linux Binary

Installing goes along these lines:

  1. Download the binary tarball from https://download.verum.com/download/verum-dezyne/verum-dezyne-2.18.2-x86_64-linux.tar.gz, e.g.:

    Make sure to download the associated .sig file and to verify the authenticity of the tarball against it, do something like:

    $ wget https://download.verum.com/download/verum-dezyne/\
    $ gpg --verify verum-dezyne-2.18.2-x86_64-linux.tar.gz.sig

    If that command fails because you do not have the required public key, then run this command to import it:

    $ wget https://savannah.gnu.org/people/viewgpg.php?user_id=4348 \
          -qO - | gpg --import -

    and rerun the gpg --verify command.

    Take note that a warning like “This key is not certified with a trusted signature!” is normal.

    Now, you can unpack the tarball; do something like:

    $ tar --warning=no-timestamp -xf /path/to/\

    Then try:

    $ cd dezyne-2.18.2
    $ ./ide --help
    $ ./dzn --help
  2. Make the dzn command available from other locations or to other users on the machine, for instance with:
    $ ln -s $PWD/dzn ~/bin/dzn
    $ ln -s $PWD/ide ~/bin/ide
    # ln -s $PWD/dzn /usr/local/bin/dzn
    # ln -s $PWD/ide /usr/local/bin/ide
  3. And optionally, make the dzn-env prefix-command1 available:
    $ ln -s $PWD/dzn-env ~/bin/dzn-env
    # ln -s $PWD/dzn-env /usr/local/bin/dzn-env
  4. Test your installation
    $ ide hello
    $ dzn-env info dezyne

and get busy Dezyne’ing, see Getting Started!

2.1.2 Generic Microsoft Windows Binary

Installing goes along these lines:

  1. Download the binary zip archive from https://download.verum.com/download/verum-dezyne/verum-dezyne-2.18.2-x86_64-windows.zip,

after which you can extract the archive by using 7zip https://www.7-zip.org. Please do not use the built-in Windows archive extraction tool: It does not honor the time stamps of the files in the archive and thus produces a faulty installation.

If your system comes with a virus scanner, consider creating an exception for dezyne-2.18.2.

and get busy Dezyne’ing, see Getting Started!



dzn-env can be used as a prefix for using programs from your operating system, such as info, man, or emacs; so that they may find and use the documentation and extensions that are provided in the binary release.

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