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3.1 Platform choice

This section will target the Raspberry Pi as hardware platform. The Pi can run a GNU/Linux distribution that is compatible with C++11 features that are used by generated C++ Dezyne code. With some extra components, it is also capable of driving some basic GPIO. The Raspberry Pi that was used to create this section is a Raspberry Pi Model 2 B running Raspbian 8 (Jessie). The g++ version of the Raspberry Pi is 4.9.2.

The components used are as follows:

Raspberry Pi1
RGB Led1
220 Ohm resistor3
Hardware button1

It is, of course, not absolutely necessary to build an actual system that performs all of the tasks. You could also just write stubs for the hardware that will be called upon and run the application on your own system. During the section we will consider actual hardware implementations, but most of the information will still apply if you are using stubs.