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4.2.9 Invoking ide state

The ide state command runs the dzn graph command with the --backend=state. It produces graph data to the ide daemon to provide a state vew can be viewed with a browser.

ide ide-option… state optionFILE


ide state examples/alarm.dzn

will have the state.html view show


The options can be among the following:


Display help on invoking ide state, and then exit.

-H hide

Generate a state diagram and hide hide from the transitions; one of labels (hide everything) or actions.

-I dir

Add directory dir to import path.

-m model

Show state diagram for model model.

-R vars

Generate a state diagram and remove variables from nodes remove; one of ports or extended.

ports Hides the state of the component’s or system’s ports, extended hides the interface’s or component’s extended state, i.e., all but the main (first) state variable and implies ports.